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  • 57:16 Popular 74849 To Be The Engineers Of Our Own Futures

    74849 To Be The Engineers Of Our Own Futures

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    Anthony MelilloAnthony is a third generation Amway business leader. He is an accomplished musician, singer/songwriter and currently owns recording studios based in NY and PA. Anthony started his Amway business in June 2011 (at the age of 20.) He reached 1

  • 34:01 Popular 74823 Leadership Traits

    74823 Leadership Traits

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    Gary & Tammy Newell Gary & Tammy qualified Diamond in 2006 and have a huge business all around the world even with all their success they are still actively building the business and are helping many others to achieve their dreams

  • 1:01:50 Popular 74769 Solidify With Depth & Leadership

    74769 Solidify With Depth & Leadership

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    By Zbig & Sophia Rek “I find it fascinating how a person’s outlook on what they can achieve changes when they truly understand their own motivation.”For Zbig and Sophia Rek, it’s time to celebrate. Not just because they have ac

  • 30:15 Popular 74732 Standing Room Only

    74732 Standing Room Only

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    Dustin & Amy Delay Dustin and Amy share the Amway™ business with others by letting them know, “It is a way to earn secondary income because everyone shops,” explains Amy. “We tell prospects it’s a way to earn extra money.

  • 25:33 Popular 74726 Dissatisfied

    74726 Dissatisfied

    By 13.5k Views / 17 Likes

    Manny WinstonI remember 6 years ago starting a business, and most telling me I would fail. People told me "run away as fast as possible." So I decided to listen to those people, and I ran straight to the bank lol... seriously though, I've learned the past

  • 30:55 Popular 74723 An Uncommon Attitude

    74723 An Uncommon Attitude

    By 7,526 Views / 12 Likes

    John C Maxwell John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author who has sold over 19 million books. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company, organizations that have trained more than 5

  • 57:35 Popular 74722 The Two Skills

    74722 The Two Skills

    By 6,302 Views / 6 Likes

    Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz “A little bit of life happened this morning,” says Double Diamond Joe Markiewicz with a laugh as he climbs out of his sleek sedan, complete with an eye-catching “No Job” license plate. Sleek, that is,

  • 48:30 Popular 74711 Unfair Advantages

    74711 Unfair Advantages

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    Geoff Wilson Born in Kenya in 1970, Geoff spent the first 5 years of his life in Uganda. His first adventure was escaping the dictator, Idi Amin, with his family in a Cessna 175 Skylark. His father flew the tiny plane for 42 days landing in Townsville, Au

  • 39:16 Popular 73832  Width

    73832 Width

    By 4,237 Views / 7 Likes

    Tom Payne "I was earning a good living as a dentist and I wasn't interested in a new business," says Tom. "I saw some retirement security in it so I signed on for that reason only. I was always surrounded by winners," Tom recalls."I began to realize how g

  • 1:02:29 Popular 74680 Prospects Are Predictable

    74680 Prospects Are Predictable

    By 5,796 Views / 14 Likes

    Doug & Amie Weir After graduating from Michigan State University with management degrees, Doug and Amie Weir moved to North Carolina to pursue careers in purchasing, hoping to climb the corporate ladder to success. Doug began his career at IBM Corpora

  • 47:47 Popular 74675 Teamwork Leadership Potential

    74675 Teamwork Leadership Potential

    By 7,612 Views / 12 Likes

    Larry & Pam Winters Larry utilized the Quality Invite system, also known as QI, to develop their business. He gives credit to Gary Newellfor pioneering QI, which is used for interviewing/screening prospects into open meetings. In 1980, they were 24 ye

  • 44:53 Popular 73865  Do You Know What You Want

    73865 Do You Know What You Want

    By 5,144 Views / 5 Likes

    Peter & Helen McKenna Occupation: Air Traffic Controller / Educator Peter McKenna was an air traffic controller who wanted out from his industry, yet he didn't know how he would do this until friends of his went to America and instead of bringing back