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  • 26:27 New Popular 74901 Lest We Forget

    74901 Lest We Forget

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    Jake & Jackie Baker "When we started our business, Jake was working as a manufacturing manager for an electronics company and I was working as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company," remembers Jackie. "Our first hurdle we had to get over was working

  • 41:10 Popular 74895 Stability Always Precedes Profitability

    74895 Stability Always Precedes Profitability

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    Derek &Jill Kosek In control and loving it!– Since starting their Amway™ business, even winters in Chicago can’t bring Derek and Jill Kosek down. “Just knowing we’ll soon be to the point where we can escape to someplace w

  • 27:36 Popular 74894 Stay Radical

    74894 Stay Radical

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    Lewis has a background in Retail Management. Holly has a background in Education Through our Mentoring program, they had the opportunity to leave their fulltime jobs at the ages of 31 and 32. Lewis and Holly now spend their time travelling and mentoring o

  • 22:58 Popular 74893 ReframeYour Loses

    74893 ReframeYour Loses

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    Zac & Jill Newell The Son & Daughter Inlaw of Diamonds Garry & Tammy Newell Second Generation Amway IBOs Zac & Jill Newell are in there own right creating a huge Amway business world wide

  • 24:46 Popular 74891 Embrace The Adventure

    74891 Embrace The Adventure

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    Brian & Caryn McGrath Eyes on the Ball– Brian McGrath played a lot of sports growing up, and he went to grad school in sports psychology – so he knows the power of adrenaline. “It makes you feel alive, it propels you to do something

  • 40:49 Popular 74886 Effort Responsibility And Learning For Life

    74886 Effort Responsibility And Learning For Life

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    Various Diamonds Building your asset will take your effort, your attention and a solid work ethic. Diamond IBO's Andy & Nadia Argyris, Bill & Janice Kerr and Dr. George & Marian Bryniawsky share from the heart and want to see every IBO succeed

  • 49:01 Popular 74883 Achievement & Fullfillment

    74883 Achievement & Fullfillment

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    Dirk & Laura Taylor Dirk Taylor was delivering golf carts and managing a chicken farm when he saw the AMWAY™ business opportunity. Gentleman farmer? Renaissance man? “Neither,” says the 4-year Virginia Tech. football player who origi

  • 52:14 Popular 74882 Select The Best Team Possible

    74882 Select The Best Team Possible

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    Bert & Jackie Gulick "For us," Bert insists, "time was the reason to get involved in this business. We knew we had to get into a business of our own. We saw this business as an opportunity to make a lot of money without having to work such incredible

  • 46:41 Popular 74880 An Overview Of The Framework

    74880 An Overview Of The Framework

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    Bill & Janice Kerr At the point in their lives when they saw the business plan, Bill and Janice were looking for a change. Janice shares, "Our third child, Jenna, was born with several serious medical problems and the doctors told us that she required

  • 37:13 Popular 74879 Learn To Step Out

    74879 Learn To Step Out

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    No Bio Available at this time

  • 26:01 Popular 74876 Bold Initiative With Risk

    74876 Bold Initiative With Risk

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    Scott & MJ Michael Occupation:Food Processing Plant ManagerIn 1976, Scott Michael faced layoff number 6. That's when Scott and his wife, MJ, took their first step toward keeping that promise never to work for anyone else again. They made a critical de

  • 58:53 Popular 74855 Put On Your Diamond Face

    74855 Put On Your Diamond Face

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    Dennis & Danielle Nafte Continuing the Family Legacy Danielle likes to say that she got in the business at age 9’ “because that’s how old I was whenmy parents (Vinny And Dayna Pappalardo) started their business, and that’s when