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  • 58:55 Popular 74844 The Goal Was Always Diamond

    74844 The Goal Was Always Diamond

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    Allen & Jenny Figueredo I was anA Playerstuck in aB Game... until a co-worker introduced me to my Rich Dad. He had set up an asset based income which allowed him and his wife to leavethe 9 to 5 grind and retire in their 30's to be home to raise their

  • 51:31 Popular 74843 Leaders Must Do What Must Be Done

    74843 Leaders Must Do What Must Be Done

    By 1,757 Views / 5 Likes

    Steve & Cecile Yager Working in a collaborative team environment, as the IBOAI Board does, comes naturally to Steve. For 30 years, Steve, as well as his two brothers, Jeff & Doyle, have been committed to the Amway Business and part of Yager Enterp

  • 1:00:25 Popular 74842 Daily Progress

    74842 Daily Progress

    By 2,184 Views / 3 Likes

    Dennis & Danielle Nafte Continuing the Family Legacy Danielle likes to say that she got in the business at age 9’ “because that’s how old I was whenmy parents (Vinny And Dayna Pappalardo) started their business, and that’s when

  • 57:35 Popular 74840 Learning From Your Failures

    74840 Learning From Your Failures

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    Bert & Jackie Gulick "For us," Bert insists, "time was the reason to get involved in this business. We knew we had to get into a business of our own. We saw this business as an opportunity to make a lot of money without having to work such incredible

  • 40:12 Popular 74839 Six Good Nights

    74839 Six Good Nights

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    Gary & Tammy Newell Gary & Tammy qualified Diamond in 2006 and have a huge business all around the worldeven with all their success they are still actively building the business and are helping many others to achieve their dreams

  • 46:57 Popular 74838 Developing A Single Minded Process

    74838 Developing A Single Minded Process

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    Jono & Kirsty Rowe Jono Born in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Jono grew up on the farm working with his Dad mustering cattle, milking cows, and cutting wheat during the summer harvest. After developing a passion for numbers and accounting through sch

  • 59:20 Popular 74837 Principles Of Positioning

    74837 Principles Of Positioning

    By 2,884 Views / 4 Likes

    Dominic & Karina McKenna Dom & Karina McKenna are from Melbourne Australia. Dom has a background in law and Karina in administration. After working intensive and long hours in their day jobs and feeling like they were treading water, they began to

  • 45:31 Popular 74836 Release The Brake

    74836 Release The Brake

    By 2,342 Views / 2 Likes

    Toby & Mia Ayers “In the next couple years, we hope to see and experience some of the fastest growth Amway has ever undergone in North America,” says Toby Ayers. “And we’re right in the middle of it thanks to superior products

  • 19:10 Popular 74834 The Opposite Of Success

    74834 The Opposite Of Success

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    Derek & Robyn Krueger Derek grew up in Iowa and graduated with a degree in Finance. In addition to running KBT, he is currently Director of Finance for a large apparel manufacturing company. Robyn grew up in Arkansas and was pursuing her PhD in Forens

  • 57:36 Popular 74833 BOB Bucket Of Bolts

    74833 BOB Bucket Of Bolts

    By 881 Views / 7 Likes

    Brad Wolgamott Over 20 year ago, I was simply a young man with a dream. I wanted to be able to provide for my family and do something significant with my life. I found a mentor who helped shape an early belief system that through hard work and perseveranc

  • 26:43 Popular 74832 Diamond Or Bust

    74832 Diamond Or Bust

    By 1,764 Views / 4 Likes

    Dirk Taylor Dirk Taylor was delivering golf carts and managing a chicken farm when he saw the AMWAY™ business opportunity. Gentleman farmer? Renaissance man? “Neither,” says the 4-year Virginia Tech. football player who originally planne

  • 32:14 Popular 74381 Picking The Right People

    74381 Picking The Right People

    By 3,522 Views / 10 Likes

    Bert Gulick I was taught that to be successful one must have a university education. So, I enrolled at Iowa State University in aerospace engineering as my father suggested. I ended up graduating in Sociology and found myself living out of my car and beca