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Show The Plan (STP)

  • Popular 74636  You're Worth A Life Of First Class

    74636 You're Worth A Life Of First Class

    By 5,312 Views / 6 Likes

    Bill & Briony Smart Occupation: Dairy Farmer / Advertising-Dairy Farmer "Bill and Briony Smart had difficulty with their self-image. Because they were farmers, they thought others had an advantage in i-Commerce. They simply could not envision themselv

  • Popular 74661 The Burst

    74661 The Burst

    By 7,243 Views / 27 Likes

    Bob RiversBob shares in this audio his thoughts on building lists and creating bursts in your business to build your business stronger and bigger quicker

  • 13:45 Popular Tips To Increase Sponsoring

    Tips To Increase Sponsoring

    By 7,005 Views / 24 Likes

    This video is about Tips To Increase Sponsoring.

  • Popular 73621  Tick It

    73621 Tick It

    By 7,566 Views / 16 Likes

    James Beauchamp Occupation: Dairy Farmer James spent part of his young adult life as a jackeroo. Wendy was the daughter of a farmer and when James and Wendy married they plunged into building their own dairy farm. But 12 years after beginning their dairy

  • Popular 73454  Habits

    73454 Habits

    By 8,515 Views / 12 Likes

    Bert Gulick An absolute must listen to tape once u make the decision to be serious about your business. A key foundation to being successful is developing the correct habits to get u there. Who better to learn from than the Legend himself in Bert Gulick.

  • Popular 73001  Gulick Seminar

    73001 Gulick Seminar

    By 8,378 Views / 13 Likes

    Bert Gulick Occupation: Restaurant Manager In 1975 from a background as a pizza restaurant manager, Bert Gulick began a business in i-Commerce which has now expanded to 46 countries around the world. Sought after as a speaker worldwide for his knowledge a

  • Popular 74621  Stick To It

    74621 Stick To It

    By 6,899 Views / 14 Likes

    Theo Galan Theo: Traditional Entrepreneur Maribel: Business Manager Born in the Dominican Republic, two young dreamers emigrated to the United States in search of better opportunities. She is business manager by profession and he entrepreneur traditional,