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  • 58:55 Popular 74844 The Goal Was Always Diamond

    74844 The Goal Was Always Diamond

    Allen & Jenny Figueredo I was anA Playerstuck in aB Game... until a co-worker introduced me to my Rich Dad. He had set up an asset based income which allowed him and his wife to leavethe 9 to 5 grind and retire in their 30's to be home to raise their

  • 51:31 Popular 74843 Leaders Must Do What Must Be Done

    74843 Leaders Must Do What Must Be Done

    Steve & Cecile Yager Working in a collaborative team environment, as the IBOAI Board does, comes naturally to Steve. For 30 years, Steve, as well as his two brothers, Jeff & Doyle, have been committed to the Amway Business and part of Yager Enterp

  • 1:00:25 Popular 74842 Daily Progress

    74842 Daily Progress

    Dennis & Danielle Nafte Continuing the Family Legacy Danielle likes to say that she got in the business at age 9’ “because that’s how old I was whenmy parents (Vinny And Dayna Pappalardo) started their business, and that’s when

  • 30:37 Popular 74841 A Solid Root System

    74841 A Solid Root System

    Greg saw the Amway business as an alternative to spending the next 30-50 years of his life sitting in a cubicle. He wanted to have control over his work and his time, and to earn enough income so that he would not have to worry about finances. Greg was al

  • 57:35 Popular 74840 Learning From Your Failures

    74840 Learning From Your Failures

    Bert & Jackie Gulick "For us," Bert insists, "time was the reason to get involved in this business. We knew we had to get into a business of our own. We saw this business as an opportunity to make a lot of money without having to work such incredible

  • 40:12 Popular 74839 Six Good Nights

    74839 Six Good Nights

    Gary & Tammy Newell Gary & Tammy qualified Diamond in 2006 and have a huge business all around the worldeven with all their success they are still actively building the business and are helping many others to achieve their dreams