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Speaker : Newell Zac & Jill

  • 22:58 Popular 74893 ReframeYour Loses

    74893 ReframeYour Loses

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    Zac & Jill Newell The Son & Daughter Inlaw of Diamonds Garry & Tammy Newell Second Generation Amway IBOs Zac & Jill Newell are in there own right creating a huge Amway business world wide

  • 25:13 Popular 74733 Fear & Doubt

    74733 Fear & Doubt

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    Zac & Jill Newell In this message, Zac & Jill Newell share two key obstacles that every person must overcome if they are to be successful: fear and doubt. Jill shares how fear was her biggest obstacle, and how finding her “why” and tak