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Smart Bill & Briony




Bill & Briony Smart
Occupation: Dairy Farmer / Advertising-Dairy Farmer

"Bill and Briony Smart had difficulty with their self-image. Because they were farmers, they thought others had an advantage in i-Commerce. They simply could not envision themselves succeeding, despite their confidence in the business, despite their confidence in the potential of others. ''We were onlookers, not players. 'In 1988 Merritt and Beth Wise visited Queensland for a big rally. These two American farmers provided the spark of belief that Briony and Bill so needed. ''Farmers!'' Bill exclaims. ''We couldn't believe it. Briony and I finally found people we could identify with. People like us.'' Briony remembers, ''It was such an exhilarating feeling to know, at last, that we too could succeed. All the while we had felt so left out, so isolated.'' As a result of that meeting, the Smarts developed expectations of themselves that they did not have before. ''Up to this point our efforts had matched our expectations - which were mediocre at best,'' Bill reflects. ''Now we had no excuses; there were no roadblocks in our path, real or imagined - no reason for us not to succeed.''"

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