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Pappalardo Vinny & Dayna




Vinny & Dayna Pappalardo

Back on top – Independent Business Owners often talk about how their dreams inspire them to work hard and succeed. But for Vinny and Dayna Pappalardo, it was their nightmares that propelled them into action.

“I was $1.7 million in debt, our cars had been repossessed, we had sold off all our valuables, and our house was about to go into foreclosure,” explains Vinny, who was working three jobs with no time off other than holidays – for 65 weeks in a row. Their downward spiral started when they were both working for the furniture store Vinny’s father owned. His dad died soon after Vinny joined him in the business, “And at age 24, I was running a company I really didn’t even understand,” he says.

Their situation was very hard on Vinny. “I believe my first and most important role as a man is to provide for my family, and I wasn’t going to stop until that happened.”

And what happened was the AMWAY™ opportunity. Dayna was dead set against it, “but thank goodness, he didn’t listen to me,” she laughs.

They recall hearing (Amway co-founder) Rich DeVos speak at a free enterprise function. “He walked out on stage and said, ‘I bet a lot of you are asking yourselves, ‘What am I doing here and what is this all about?’” says Dayna. “He talked about giving people hope, and his words really inspired us.” Vinny came away from that experience feeling like “Mr. Amway” and that’s who he’s been ever since. “It’s a simple business, really,” he says. “Just show the Plan, sell the products, and listen to your upline.” Yes, there were struggles along the way, but the couple didn’t let that stop them. “When we got knocked down, we got right back up again,” says Dayna. “And that was an invaluable lesson for our children, who are now both in the business themselves.”

In fact, their son Tony and his fiancée, Frances Lawrence, are currently in Diamond qualification, and their daughter Danielle and her husband, Dennis, are Founders Emeralds. Vinny says that beyond the financial rewards they’ve achieved comes the satisfaction of providing for his family, which is all he ever wanted. “Knowing that our kids are going to have security and peace of mind is the greatest blessing of all,” he says. “I worked so hard to have a happy wife and children who love and respect me, who call me their hero. And that’s what I have today.”

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