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74871 A Capacity For Discipline

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Baker Jackie




Jacie Baker

"When we started our business, Jake was working as a manufacturing manager for an electronics company and I was working as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company," remembers Jackie. "Our first hurdle we had to get over was working together. Our marriage was a wreck. For the first three months, I did not build this business with Jake – until I attended a weekend function, and, for the first time, got a glimpse of the big picture. Jake blew out his A and B-lists (friends and family/acquaintances) quickly. His circle of influence at that time was bikers and other less credible ‘networkers.' Jake had to learn to meet people in order to build his C-list (where our whole organization came from),” Jackie explains.

"The books, tapes, training sessions, and upline friendships empowered us to change. We developed the people skills necessary to not only meet new people, but to develop friendships and become encouragers. In the process, our marriage has grown into a beautiful relationship built on respect and admiration that comes from watching each other overcome weaknesses. At the Ruby level, our daughter, Elizabeth, was born; then 11 months later, while in Emerald qualification, we had Luke. They are very involved in our business because they love the people on our team. They know all our leaders and are genuinely excited that we are helping them achieve economic freedom!

"I was able to quit my J.O.B. in Emerald qualification. Our upline, Jake, and our babies (wearing t-shirts that said "My Mommy's Free To Grow Up With Me!") showed up at my workplace in a white limo with several hundred of our closest friends, and rescued me from a life of mediocrity. Jake was able to focus on the business full time at Emerald.

"On the evening of September 13, 2003, our lives and the lives of our children were changed forever," continues Jackie. "We, as a family, reached a goal that required personal sacrifice from each of us. We had put in the foundation, and two years prior had made the decision we would get Diamond done. It required each of us to be more ‘selfless' and take on more responsibility. And there we stood… Jake and I, our hands raised in victory next to some of the most victorious people we have ever met, our upline Diamonds: Larry and Pam Winters, Paul Miller, and Bill and Peggy Britt. As we stood there, the words of Larry from so long ago came to me… ‘When The Dream Is Big Enough, The Facts Don't Count.' Who would believe a once-biker, drug and alcohol abuser who rejected God and refused to have children, would stand on a stage in front of twenty-some thousand people, holding his children's hands up in victory? Who would believe the tears of gratitude flowing from this man, the praises given to God, and the little boy looking up at his hero – his dad – and the words, "I love you Daddy!" Thank God our upline believed. Thank God for the BWW system that provided us with the tools for personal growth. And thank God for His Grace!"

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