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74687 A Winners Job Is To Win

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Mohammed Robbie & Shisma




The Magic of Thinking Big – Barely into their thirties, Robbie and Shishma Mohammed already know that hard work pays off.

“We have a lot more flexibility, peace of mind, and time for ourselves (and soon their son, due in September),” Robbie says. “This is all that we do – and have done since college. We enjoy showing people there is a better way!”

Since the beginning, he and Shishma have practiced the principle of work before reward. “We don’t reward ourselves for things we didn’t work for,” she explains. “We set goals and then we treat ourselves for achieving our goals. We teach our team to do the same thing.”

Adds Robbie, “Seeing growth of down line IBOs (both in their business and personal lives) makes us feel so good inside!”

He and Shishma have worked hard to reach out to those from Gen Y: They even carry inventory on their most popular products so their customers can take home their product instead of waiting for delivery. “Normally, it takes two to three weeks for shipments to arrive,” Shishma says. “Now they can buy what they need and take it with them.”

While the couple spends time at their offices training IBOs and presenting the opportunity to others, “We are free to come and go as needed,” she says. Sometimes they go to the beach or the movies.

“People look at our lifestyle and they get excited!” Robbie notes. “Hopefully, they’re inspired to take control of their future.”

For this young couple, the future’s never looked brighter.

“We’re excited about our son growing up in the business and reading his first book, The Magic of Thinking Big!” Shishma says. She and Robbie also look forward to “planting the dream and vision in others. This is our passion,” she states. “We believe this business will work for anyone if they don’t give up on their dreams.”

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